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I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart.

Being an old-ish single mom to a child under 10 and caring for an aging parent means life is certainly busy and full of surprises. I'm learning to navigate elementary school and senior housing at the same time.

However, both my mother and my young son keep me laughing hysterically with some of the things they say. My mom, being of a different generation, has only recently stopped telling me to look in the classifieds for jobs (she means the newspaper, print).

Cut to my son who's already negotiating video game time while teaching me how to use the parent settings.

I'm sandwiched between two generations and it's hilarious on the reg. And then there's myself, where I still feel like I'm figuring life out. Am I the only one? I'm nearing fifty! Shouldn't I be an expert by now?

I mean, granted, I have a husband who's getting more distinguished looking by the day, sitting next to me while we read in our clean house on a lazy Sunday and discuss what great vacation we'll take next year as we take comfort in knowing we've got a huge bank of money to carry us through to a hundred years old. 

I wish.

As a single mom, everything is mine to do. There's dirty laundry everywhere, dishes in the sink and I'm racing around all weekend trying to get the shopping, cooking, cleaning and landscaping done and make all my son's extracurricular commitments and do seasonal things together like carve pumpkins. Take out the trash. Pay all the bills (if I can). And work full-time! It's exhausting.

And not only am I learning to be a parent (like, I have no idea), but now I have to worry about Botox, vitamins and menopause! And no, I don't have retirement worked out! And now I have to date again? C'mon!

And adding to all of that, is that I frequently have to run over to mom's because she can't update her Facebook page (when I fixed it for her on her phone, she then asked if I could do the same on all of her other Facebooks - on her other devices). I know, so cute, right? Or the time she thought her TV was broken and had me ready to go to Best Buy to buy a new one when I realized it had become unplugged.

On the other hand, my son is schooling me on technology as well, and he's only 7.  Navigating a 70-year span of three lives takes research, patience and love. And tons of laughs!