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Friday, December 27

Merry Christmas!

Christmas eve in New England was cold but sunny, so I was able to relax in my Adirondack chairs at my year-round beach house. The sun was beating down and I could smell the salt air from the nearby ocean. I wasn't cold at all. So peaceful for a short holiday meditation.

Until... I heard screaming from inside my house. "MOM! Moooom!!!" It was a blood-curdling scream! Peacefulness abruptly interrupted, I sprang into the house to see what was slowly killing my son... When he approached me calmly.

"How do you spell furniture?" He asked.

"R-O-L-A-I-D-S. Please don't give me a heart attack like that again over spelling."


Things my 7 year-old son said this week:

“I’m bored” …the day after Christmas when I had a house FULL of brand-new toys

“Oh my God, I’m never gonna do online dating.” …At Christmas dinner after hearing three single women over 45 gripe about it.


As a Major fan of these two things (both individually and combined), I can’t believe I’m about to say this but… Enough with the peppermint and chocolate already.

There is so much candy in my house that I CAN’T WAIT to stop eating it. But I’m still eating it. But I’m starting to loathe it. But I’m still eating it. But I really can’t wait to stop.

As much as I just HAD TO have my Christmas decorations up even before Thanksgiving this year (don’t know why – just had the itch and had to scratch), I’m as equally charged now to take them down and clean the house. I want it all away. Every ounce of clutter. I think I might actually take everything completely away and then selectively re-decorate, sparingly.

Clean, clean, clean. Like corners and behind stuff and shit. I'm even willing to ask the overdone question of whether it brings me joy.

This cleaning inclination doesn’t come to very often – like hardly ever – so I think that’s why I need to put away all my decorations right now. Because I’m worried the moment will pass and I’ll become complacent again. Seas the Day!

Speaking of home edits and joy, can I just say how much joy it brings that… (no, I mean real joy, like skipping and singing kind of joy, like running through the neighborhood hugging strangers kind of joy)… that the day after Christmas is the regularly scheduled garbage pick up day? Ahhhhhhhh. Of course, I’ll have to wait another six years to experience this kind of joy again. This kind of excitement? Is real adulting.


My mother, who just fell two days ago in my kitchen (thankfully was okay) had the poor judgment to try my son’s new skateboard a few minutes ago – and Fell Again!! She’s fine but, geesh, it’s like she’s asking for it. I told her – no, I yelled at her as I helped her to a chair, “Sit down! Stay!” Like a dog. Poor mom. But, honestly. Really. Am I right?

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