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Friday, January 10, 2020


I dragged my son to my group therapy last night. It was that or miss Boy Scouts. If I wanted to fit in both, he'd have to sit in the room across the hall by himself for an hour so we could then rush to make the Boy Scout meeting. He's done this before and he's fine with it. He brings his Nintendo Switch (thank God for this portable game console) and he's entertained the whole time. I try not to make him come with me, but sometimes it's the only option.

Last night, on our way into the therapy building, he dragged himself reluctantly out of the car and said, "Can't we just go to Boy Scouts first?"

"No, honey. Boy Scouts isn't until later. This is scheduled first."

"But why do we have to go here?" "Well, you know how you come here once a week for your therapy?" (see my article on Gaslighting to know why he's in therapy)


"Well, this is mommy's therapy. Mommy needs to heal her heart, too. And this helps me."

As we approached the stairs, he stopped at the bottom, looked up at me and said, "Can't you just heal your heart on your own?"

I giggled at the notion. I mean, I could, I suppose. But I replied, "No honey, we all need help healing sometimes. My friends inside help me, a lot."

He accepted this and we continued on. He never complained and was so patient during my session. He gets it.

Health & Beauty

I'm currently struggling with product overload in my bathroom. I bought some new skin care and cosmetics (I LOVE the IT line of skin/makeup). I'm thinking about getting one of those large cosmetic organizers like this one I found on Amazon Makeup Case Display. This one got the most amazing reviews I've ever soon on any product. Five stars all the way. But then I wonder if it will make my small bathroom look ridiculous. How do you hide all of the cosmetic clutter when you're out of space? Don't tell me to throw most of it away. I don't like that answer.

Getting Organized

Christmas decorations are down and now I have to figure out how to absorb all the new toys my son got. Tossing out old toys is not an option as long as he's in the room. You can't even toss an old piece of paper. He's like, "Wait! Let me see that. Yeah, we need to keep this." A hoarder in the making, perhaps. My mother and I usually wait until he's at school and then raid his playroom, removing all the things that we think he doesn't play with anymore. Do you do this to your kids? I feel terrible. But I don't see another way.

Have a great weekend! If you're in New England, go outside. It's supposed to be near 60 degrees! Also, I'll be writing another chapter of Trapped on Acker Island and will post next week. This will become its own series, so look for it. Thanks for reading!



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