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Schools and Communication

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Am I the only one confused about all the different forms of school communication? For years, a note home or a phone call was the only way, so I'm happy they are using modern technology to communicate. Being able to email the teacher has been a lifesaver some days!

But could there be too many forms of modern communication? Now, there's a class app, a library app, a bus app, an online portal, a Facebook page and text message alerts. Plus, they still send mass emails and notes home in the backpack.

And there's no consistency to the messaging. They sent a note home about a picnic (that went on the fridge so I wouldn't forget, but probably will anyway). Then they sent out an email saying the picnic would be canceled (I was lucky I happened to see it in my junk mail). Then they sent out a message through an app saying it was back on (at this point, I really don't care; I've decided to skip it).

I get text messages all the time that Bus 5 is late. And can I just say? Bus 5? Get it together. I mean, what is that driver doing? Blowing up the tires himself? Or maybe it's one slow kid who's late to the bus every day, holding it up. All I know is the Bus 5 schedule is sure to be occupying my texts. But the problem is, my son isn't on Bus 5! So, one day I asked if I was on the wrong text group and the principal said, "No, there aren't specific ones; everyone just gets blasted."

Wait. Seriously? And btw, what happened to the 'track my bus' app I downloaded?

Oh, and can I also complain at how terrible the flyers and emails are from a copy editing standpoint? Seriously need help. Maybe they're too busy deciding which communication method to use, or maybe they have the Bus 5 driver writing them.

Bus 5 driver? If you're reading this? Get crackin'. I don't need more text messages from school taking my attention from checking the 75 apps I have to check.

Can someone develop an app that syncs all of my important apps?


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