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Killing it as a Single Mom.



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About Me

Preppy on the Coast, Single Mom Style

My tagline reads "Killing it as a single mom"  But, am I really?  I would have previously answered, "No, not really. Not a chance. Struggling sounds more like it."  But I've figured a few things out.  One of them being that I have this running narrative in my head that I'm failing at everything.  But why?


It takes a lot to be a single mom (with no co-parent; i.e. no breaks, no help).  From cleaning to cooking, working full time, taking care of an aging parent myself, going through menopause, managing domestic violence issues with my ex (court, my support group, etc.), and now trying to talk to my blended son about race.  All of that before doing anything for myself like working out, spending time with girlfriends or dating.  There's so much more! 


Am I doing all of this perfectly?  Hell No!  But I'm not Oprah.  Or Martha Stewart.  Or the Kardashians.  Or even 'The Jones'  

So, on one hand I feel like I'm falling behind on every topic listed.  But on the other hand...  You know what? I'm absolutely killing it!  And I've decided to start giving myself a little bit of credit.  I'm flipping the narrative in my head from "struggling" to "Killing It!"  And you should, too.  If I walk around really believing this, then maybe some areas where I really am struggling will start to improve.  It's all mindset, right?

As for the preppy side of me, it's always been my taste.  If it's preppy, I love it, whatever it is.  Always classic, always in style, works for all age groups.  Timeless.

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